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I did read about IoT and became involved in some IoT (Internet of Things) tweets. I stated that the connection of 2 technologies: Domotica & IoT, will truly ramp up ….. well …. almost everything.

This was also underlined in a tweet by Pedro Castillo:

And please bear with me as I would like to tell you about the why’s and hows.


The power of Internet of things (IoT)

The price of technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper. Thus, business wise it makes sense to start using these technologies. As it started with Embedded Software and some 20 years ago under the name Ubiquitous computing:  a concept in software engineering and computer science where computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. In contrast to desktop computing, ubiquitous computing can occur using any device, in any location, and in any format. The impact on your life and every business will be disruptive. As you can track, measure, connect, everything. In-, on-,  and around things.Try to imagine that, well, it is already happening (Apple Watch /HealthKit, Uber Taxi)! Intelligence in your clothes, domestic- and industrial equipment, shoes, bike, car and so on.

Nice summary: ON and CONNECTED!

Now I do believe in good technology, but not “stand-alone”. Combining, as you will, focussing  2 technologies will outpace extraordinary in value and opportunities. Iot and Domotica Iot and Fraud prevention Iot and Healthcare, logistics, production Smartphone also for your wallet, identity card, home key, car key and so on.


Where does the domotica fit in?

People become more and more older than in the past, want to stay longer independent and elderly houses are expensive. That will be an or the important driver of Domotica. Domotica is special technology for electronic controlling around and in the house to make life more easy. You will understand that all the measuring, sensoring, tracking will generate a lot of data.  With this big data (information) you can make new knowledge.
And here is where the organisation development must step in. Why? We all remember how internet and smartphone disrupted to much companies. You don’t want to be at the wrong side of the road, again.


How should you prepare your company in coming times?

Don’t take it too simple, customer demands and expectations are still hard to discern, and the hardware and software standards for the IoT are still evolving. If your company wants to stake a claim with the Internet of Things, you first need to develop a distinctive “way to play”—a clear value proposition that you can offer customers. This should be consistent with your enterprise’s overall capabilities system: the things you do best when you go to market, aligned with most or all of the products and services you sell.

1. Your own role in the IoT You want to be: Enabler, Engager, or Enhancer?

  • “Enablers” that develop and implement the underlying technology
  • “Engagers” that design, create, integrate, and deliver IoT services to customers
  • “Enhancers” that devise their own value-added services, on top of the services provided by Engagers, that are unique to the Internet of Things

2. Industries and markets Assess how your business environment is being (or could be) transformed by the IoT

3. Customer or business engagement Because value in the IoT will be created through the transformation of customer experience, you need strong capabilities in experience design.

4. Connected products and services Assess your current lineup of offerings to determine which can be enhanced through IoT connectivity, and what new ones could be developed expressly for the IoT.

5. An enhanced connection Most Engagers will deploy an initial wave of basic connected devices and services.

6. Your organization’s capabilities Your company will need to distinguish itself in this space. What will you do that no other company does as well (or at all)? What improvements and investments will you need to make? Where will the necessary time, money, and attention come from; what activities will you need to divest or downplay so their resources can move here?

You can read the complete article Company strategy and Iot.

Further from a 7S point of view all your internal business processes should be in order. And I do really mean ALL. 7S-McKinsey-model

But above all you need the right people on board. Not only with the brains, technical knowledge and all the other competences but especially with the right drivers (motivation) to be happy in their work they perform. This requires a totally different HRM approach and thus setup.

Organisation Development 5.0

Welcome in the new world coming fast.

And now?

Do you want to develop a sustainable organisation with happy employees?

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