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I had a great experience with Roger from Management by Horses!



Some call it synchronicity and some call it destiny but the story is that Roger and I met up at the forest walking our dogs and the connection was evident. At that time I was looking for a coach to help me understand myself and help me evolve in my career, so the timing of this meeting was perfect.


In the following days, after a couple of exchanged messages, Roger offered me to have a session with him and work with the horses. We met up were he keeps the horses and he guided me through the session helping me identify the specific areas where I needed help and where I wanted to improve.


Roger was very professional and was very insightful regarding my needs based on what I was telling him. His questions made the conversation flow, which helped me answer my own questions. After our talk we went to work with the horses. He explained that the horses acted and reacted to our feelings without any filters giving us a great reflection of ourselves. The experience was literally magical and deep. The experience gave me knowledge of myself that I will never forget and I will take with me forever.


Drijfveren en Paardencoaching

After that first session Roger and I talked again a couple of times. He explained very thoroughly and with some great material, the Energy Drives work that he does with his clients so they can understand from what situations they get energy and from what situations they lose energy. I agreed to do this work with Roger so we met up again. I responded to a questionaire before our meeting. When we met, Roger explained the methodology to me, we went over the results and the analysis he had done of my results.


The results were clear and again very insightful. I got a deeper understanding of how I function and what situations I should seek and which ones I should avoid or change. Since the meeting I have been monitoring my actions and reactions to specific situations and understanding myself using my Energy Drive results as a guide.


Roger has been involved following up on my findings. Roger and I are still working together. Since my original meeting with Roger I have realized that I am not getting overwhelmed in any situation. My situation navigation skills have improved. I am more in tune with my feelings, recognizing them, rather than fighting them and creating energy blocks.


I am having a great experience working with Roger and I would recommend working with him to everyone, specially if one is trying to evolve and learn more about themselves.



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